Potassium Iodide CAS 7681-11-0

Potassium Iodide CAS 7681-11-0

Potassium iodide can promote the vigorous thyroid function of livestock and poultry, enhance the ability to resist stress and maintain the highest production capacity. When added to feed, it can prevent and cure iodine deficiency disorders, promote growth, increase egg laying rate and reproduction rate, and improve feed utilization rate.

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Potassium iodide, an ionic compound, is added to feed as an iodine source to prevent iodine deficiency disorders, promote growth, increase egg production and reproduction rates, and increase feed utilization.


CAS No.:7681-11-0

Appearance:Yellow particles (round)

Solubility: Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, methanol, acetone, glycerol and liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in ether.


Function:1. Can be used as a nutritional supplement. Use content control below 0.01%

              2. It can be used for reagent analysis, color layer analysis and drip analysis

              3. Raw materials for the manufacture of iodides and dyes

Packing of Potassium iodide:

Delivery of Potassium iodide:

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