Calcium Citrate CAS 813-94-5

Calcium Citrate CAS 813-94-5

Calcium citrate is more safe and reliable than other calcium supplements in terms of solubility, acidity and alkalinity, etc.

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Calcium citrate is both a high-quality acidulant and a source of calcium. Calcium citrate is easily absorbed in humans and animals, and has high bioavailability. It can be directly used without gastric acid activation solution.Calcium citrate is mainly used as a calcium source for food and health products in milk powder, cakes, jellies, biscuits, etc. At the same time, it can also be used as a chelating agent, corrosion inhibitor, tissue coagulant, etc. in chemical reagents.

CAS No.: 813-94-5

Synonyms: food additive calcium citrate;citrical;tribasiccalciumcitrate;TRICALCIUM DICITRATE;citric acid sesquicalcium tetrahydrate;Tricalcium Citrate anhydrous;

Molecular formula:C12H10Ca3O14

Molecular map:


                                   AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
                                   SolubilitySlightly soluble in water 

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