Xi'an Taicheng Chem Co.,Ltd Move Forward With You

- Apr 26, 2020-

Xi’an Taicheng Chem Co.,Ltd is a leading chemical raw material exporter with high-quality and comprehensive service for global customers.During epidemic situation around the world,

In order to help our customers to solve the shortage of raw materials for epidemic prevention materials in our country, our company has done a good job of sufficient stock of disinfectant and bactericide materials, including DL-Cloprostenol Sodium(CAS No. :55028-72-3)、Chlorhexidine Gloconate Solution 20% CAS No.: 18472-51-1、Chlorhexidine Acetate CAS No. : 206986-79-0、Benzethonium chloride CAS No. :121-54-0 、Benzalkonium Chloride CAS No.: 63449-41-2  and other electronic prevention materials raw materials.



In April, 40 feet FCL Isopropyl Alcohol ,500 kilograms of Benzethonium Chloride and 10 tons of benzalkonium chloride had been exported and arrived in Moscow. These raw materials make a positive contribution to the local epidemic prevention work. Next month, we also have a large number of epidemic prevention materials scheduled to be sent to Russia and Ukraine. We warmly welcome customers from all over the world to come to our company for inquiries, we will certainly provide the most sincere service to each customer with the best price and the best product quality. Our company believes that with our joint efforts, the world epidemic will be effectively controlled.




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