Basf Claims That Vitamins A ,E And Several Carotenoids Encountered With Inevitable Resistance On Production Process.

- Nov 27, 2017-

Basf claims that vitamins A ,E and several carotenoids encountered with inevitable  resistance on production process.

The equipments of citral are closed after an accidental fire.

Downstream devices under regular maintenance cannot be restarted as planned.


When citral device of Ludwigshafen started, it caught fire on October ,30.2017. Then, Basf had to shut down the devices and announced the downstream aromatic products of citral and isoprenol encountered resistance.

Basf's vitamins A and E are now closed due to regular maintenance.Only when citral productivity recover and can get intermediates for vitamin A and E,these devices can be restarted.

Because, it need to take a couple of weeks to cleaning, inspecting and maintaining  citral device. Then basf have to announced vitamin A , E and beta-carotene also meet with inevitable resistance.

The impact of resistance and the impact on customer is being assessed.Meanwhile,Basf are taking some measures to control the impact of this situation .And Basf will communicate with customers constantly to inform them the latest information and the supply capacity of affected products.

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