The market information of vitamin

- Oct 23, 2017-


Market Dynamics of Vitamin

1. Due to environmental factors, the price of Vitamin A is still going up.

2. Due to the increasing of  raw marital’s price ,the price of Vitamin B1 intends to go up .

3. The price of Vitamin B2 is still high and stable.

4. The price of Vitamin B3 is still high .

5. Due to environmental factors, The price of Vitamin B6 is still going up.

6. Vitamin B9 still keep the situation of the high price.

7. Due to  environmental factors, The price of Vitamin B12 is still going up.

8. The factories of the Vitamin C have reproducted so that its price keep stable.

9. The price of Vitamin D3 is still high and stable.

10. Vitamin E’s price is  in a modest increase .  

11. Vitamin K3’s price is still high in obvious situation.

12. Due to the lack of the goods,the price of  b-Alanine is high and stable.

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