- Nov 05, 2018-

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Mesosulfuron-methyl (also known as Shima and Mesulfadosulfuron) is a new super-high-efficiency sulfonylurea herbicide, which has the advantages of low dosage, good effect, safety, low toxicity and low residue. It is suitable for controlling hardgrass, bluegrass and other broad-leaved weeds in spring wheat and winter wheat fields. It is also suitable for controlling arthropod. The extremely malignant grass weeds have good control effect.

This product is widely used in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and other European countries, and is the leading product in sulfonylurea herbicides. However, due to the long synthetic route and the difficulty of synthesis, the domestic manufacturers are few and mostly small workshops, the process route is backward, the pollution is serious, and the three wastes can not be effectively treated. With the implementation of new regulations on pesticide management and increasingly severe environmental pressure, small workshop production is difficult to sustain. In order to meet the market demand, Binnan Agricultural Science and Technology has worked hard to tackle key problems and developed a clean production process of methyl disulfuron. The process has reached the advanced level in China. It can not only maintain stable production, but also fill the gap in China. On this basis, the company has also developed 30g/L methyl disulfuron dispersible oil suspension and other preparations. After marketing in many places, the customer response is good, which is of great significance to increase farmers'income and agricultural efficiency.



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