How does paracetamol work?

- May 14, 2020-

Paracetamol is mainly used for fever, headache and mild or moderate pain relief caused by cold.  It can also be used in patients who are allergic, intolerant or unfit for Acetylsalicylic acid use.  In addition, mild peptic ulcer and gastritis patients can also be used. 

4- Acetamidophenol throught inhibiting cyclooxygenase and selectively inhibiting the synthesis of central Dinoprostone in hypothalamic thermoregulation, it can cause peripheral blood vessels to dilate and sweat to achieve antipyretic effect.


Acetaminophen plays an analgesic role by inhibiting the synthesis and release of prostaglandins and raising the pain threshold, which belongs to peripheral analgesics.  90~95% of this product is metabolized in the liver and mainly binds to glucuronic acid, sulfuric acid and L-Cysteine






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