- Dec 23, 2019-

  Zhongshengmycin is a new agricultural antibiotic developed by Institute of biological control, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It belongs to N-glycosides alkaline water soluble substance.

  The molecular formula is C19H34O8N8.The pure product is white powder, the original drug is light yellow powder, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. In acid medium, it is stable at low temperature, melting point 173-190 ℃, 100% soluble in water. The preparation is brown liquid with pH value of 4.

  By inhibiting the peptide bond formation of pathogenic bacterial protein, result in the death of bacteria. It can inhibit the growth of mycelium and the germination of spores, and play a role in the control of fungal diseases. It can stimulate the production of the plant's plant protective element and the precursor material of lignin, so as to improve the plant's disease resistance ability. At the same time, it can increase production to some extent.

  The preparation can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides.

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