Analysis of Veterinary Drug Raw Material Market Market

- Jan 09, 2019-

Since November, 2018, doxycycline prices began to retreat. In the second week of 2019, doxycycline prices have been adjusted dramatically twice, and the range of price changes is beyond our expectations, which caught us by surprise. At present, the market quotation range is large, and the mainstream price is around 390. And near the end of this year, most customers accept the current quotation and start to make inventory, and pay attention to the specific market sustainability.

Doxycycline prices began to decline in November, with an average weekly decline of 7.7% in November and a significant decrease in December, with a weekly price reduction of 30 yuan, an average weekly decline of 21%. In January, the price jumped to 400. At present, the mainstream price of the market is around 390. Towards the end of recent years, the demand for doxycycline is growing, which is of sustainable concern.

The price of florfenicol, oscillation callback, reduced market turnover;

Telmicoxin, Tylosin Tartrate and Tymomycin Tartrate prices have declined and sustained attention has been paid.

The price of neomycin sulfate is high and stable.

The price of sulfonamide products is still high, the price of Sulfaquinoxaline sodium has increased, and the quotation range of different manufacturers is large.

Net price of dysentery is at a high level.

Vitamin, near the end of the year, traders actively shipping, plus the plague situation is not conducive to demand, vitamin market is running weak.

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