6-Aminocaproic AcidCAS No.: 60-32-2

6-Aminocaproic AcidCAS No.: 60-32-2

Product:6-Aminocaproic Acid
CAS No. : 60-32-2
Function:A kind of hemostatic

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Product Details

Product:6-Aminocaproic Acid

CAS No. : 60-32-2

Standard:Enterprise Standard

Synonym: 6-amino-hexanoicaci;

Packing:25 kg/Barrel


Appearance:Fine, white, crystalline powder

Molecular formula:C6H13NO2

Chemical structural formula:

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1.6-Aminohexanoic Acid is a reagent commonly used for the extraction of aldehydes from reaction mixtures. 6-Aminohexanoic Acid has also been shown to improve solubilization of membrane proteins in elect rophoresis. Studies suggest that 6-Aminohexanoic Acid inhibits the activation of the first component of the complement system.

2.Propylparaben Food preservative

Storage :Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light, keep drum close when not in use.


 packing of 6-Aminocaproic Acid

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