Glucose Oxidase CAS No.:9001-37-0

Glucose Oxidase CAS No.:9001-37-0

Product name: Glucose oxidase
Cas No. :9001-37-0
Function:Enzyme preparation

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Product Details

Product name: Glucose oxidase

Cas No. :9001-37-0

Grade :Food/ preparation

Activity: 2800u/g

Packing: 25g/drum

Standard:Enterprise Standard

Appearance: Yellow powder

Brif introduction : Glucose oxidase is an enzyme found in fungi and honey from Penicillium notatum. It can catalyze the reaction of D- glucose +O2D- gluconic acid (delta lactone) +H2O2. The enzyme of EC1.1.3.4. specific Penicillium (P.notatum) has attracted attention due to its antibacterial properties. Therefore, there is also the name of glucose oxidase (notatin). It is now clear that the antimicrobial activity is due to the sterilization of hydrogen peroxide produced by the reaction. The purified product contains 2 molecule FAD. As an electron acceptor, it can react with 2,6, dichlorophenol and indophenol in addition to O 2. The enzyme is specific for glucose. Michaelis constant Km is also low (10-3M degree). As a quantitative reagent for D-glucose, it has been widely used in the field of Biochemistry and clinical examination because it can quantitatively produce hydrogen peroxide

Application :Commonly used diagnostic enzymes. Determination of glucose in plasma. Used in biochemical research, clinical diagnosis enzymes, analysis of glucose, preparation of urine sugar and blood sugar test paper, stabilizer of vitamin C and B12 preparations in pharmaceutical industry, also used for protein de-sugar, canned wine storage.

The optimal temperature:30-35℃, PH:6.0

Storage :Store in a cool and dry place(2-8°C ), protected from light, keep drum close when not in use. 

Packing of Glucose oxidase:

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Delivery way of Glucose oxidase:

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