Pancreatin CAS No.: 8049-47-6

Pancreatin CAS No.: 8049-47-6

Product name: Pancreatin
Cas No.: 8049-47-6
Function:Used for indigestion and loss of appetite.

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Product Details

Product name: Pancreatin

Cas No.: 8049-47-6

Grade : industrial


Packing: 20kg Carton

Standard: USP.

Appearance: Fine White To Creamy Powder With Characteristic Odour And Taste.

The optimal temperature: 50℃, the optimal pH: 7.5-8.5.

Brif  Introduction :

Pancreatin (Pancreatin) is a digestive aid. It mainly contains trypsin, amylase and tryptolipase. Trypsin can convert protein into peptone, amylase can convert starch into dextrin and sugar, and tryptolipase can decompose fat into glycerol and fatty acid. Under neutral or weak alkaline conditions, the activity is stronger. Digestion of starch, protein and fat in intestinal juice can promote digestion and increase appetite.


Application:It is mainly used for dyspepsia, loss of appetite, and digestive disorders caused by liver and pancreas diseases.

Storage :Store in a cool and dry place(-20°C ), protected from light, keep drum close when not in use. 

Packing of Pancreatin:


Delivery way of Pancreatin:

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