Lipase CAS No.:9001-62-1

Lipase CAS No.:9001-62-1

Product name: Lipase
Cas No. 9001-62-1
Function:It is mainly used for lipid modification, lipid hydrolysis and cheese making.

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Product Details

Product name: Lipase  

Cas No. :9001-62-1


Activity: 10,000u/g, 20,000u/g, 30,000u/g

Standard: CP2000 / JP XIV

Packing: 25kg Drum

Appearance: White or pale yellow lyophilized powder

Brif introduction:

Lipase is a triacylglycerol hydrolase, which catalyzes the hydrolysis of natural substrate oil to produce fatty acids, glycerol and glycerol monoesters or diesters. The basic composition of lipase is only amino acid, usually only one polypeptide chain. Its catalytic activity is determined only by its protein structure.

Application:Used in food industry, paper industry, leather industry, feed industry, pharmaceutical catalytic synthesis, fat cheese processing, etc.

The optimal temperature:25℃-65℃, the optimal pH: 5 to 10

Packing of Lipase  :

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Delivery way of Lipase  :

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