EC (TG) CAS No.: 80146-85-6

EC (TG) CAS No.: 80146-85-6

Product name: EC (TG)
Cas No. 80146-85-6
Function:Protein modifier, stabilizer, coagulant

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Product Details

Product name: EC (TG) 

Cas No.: 80146-85-6

Grade: food/ preparation


Packing: 20kg Carton

Standard: FCC Ⅳand JEFCA.

Appearance: white powder

Brif introduction :Transglutaminase, also known as protein-glutamine-gamma glutamine transferase, is an enzyme that catalyzes transamination. It can catalyze the binding of E-amino group on lysine and gamma-amide group on glutamic acid, resulting in covalent cross-linking between proteins (or polypeptides) to form corresponding polymerization products. Things.

Function:Protein modifier, stabilizer, coagulant

The optimal temperature: 45℃—55℃ the optimal pH: 6.0

Packing of EC (TG) :

EC (TG) .png

Delivery way of EC (TG) :

EC (TG)  (2).png

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