Vitamin F CAS No.:1191-41-9

Vitamin F CAS No.:1191-41-9

Product :Vitamin F
CAS No.:1191-41-9
Function:Prevent cholesterol deposits

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Product Details

Product :Vitamin F

CAS No.:1191-41-9 

Specification: Ethyl Easter

Standard: Enterprise Standard

Synonym9, 12, 15-Octadecatrienoicacid, ethyl ester, (Z, Z, Z)-;Linolenic acid, ethyl ester (6CI, 7CI, 8CI)


Assay:80.85%α-linolenic acid (ethyl ester) 

Appearance:Light yellow- brownish red

Molecular formula: C20H34O2

Chemical structural formula:



Storage: a cool & dry place(-20°C) protected from light, keep drum close when not in use.


Packing of Vitamin F:

Vitamin F.jpg

Delivery way of Vitamin F:

Vitamin F.png

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