Palm Oil Methyl Ester Liquid CAS 1120-25-8

Palm Oil Methyl Ester Liquid CAS 1120-25-8

Product:Palm oil methyl ester liquid
CAS No.:1120-25-8
Function: Pharmaceutical raw materials;food and beverage

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Product: Palm oil methyl ester liquid

CAS No. : 1120-25-8

Synonym: Methyl(Z)-hexadec-9-enoate;METHYLPALMITOLEATE,STANDARDFORGC;9-Hexadecenoicacid,methyl;methylcis-9-hexadecanoate;Methylcis-9-hexadecChemicalbookenoate,Palmitoleicacidmethylester;(9Z)-9-Hexadecenoicacidmethylester;(Z)-9-Hexadecenoicacidmethyl;(Z)-9-Hexadecenoicacidmethylester

Packing: 100Mg


Appearance: Colorless oil

Appearance:  liquid

Storage conditions: -0°C

Molecular formula: C17H32O2

Chemical structural formula:

Function: For  food and beverage,Pharmaceutical raw materials

Storage :Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

Packing of Palm oil methyl ester liquid: 

Delivery way of Palm oil methyl ester liquid: 

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