Ethyl Hexanoate CAS 123-66-0

Ethyl Hexanoate CAS 123-66-0

Product: Ethyl hexanoate
CAS No. : 123-66-0​
Function:Used in spices and organic synthesis

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Product: Ethyl hexanoate

CAS No. : 123-66-0

Synonym: Natural Ethyl Hexanoate;Ethyl caproate, 99+%;CAPROIC ACID ETHYLESTER(SG);Ethylhrxanoate;α-ethylcarpotic acid;2-ETHYLHEXANOATE;ETHYLCAPRONAT;Ethylhexanoat

Packing: 25ml


Storage condition:Flammables area

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid

Odor: Fruit aroma.

Molecular formula: C8H16O2

Chemical structural formula:

Function:  Used in spices and organic synthesis

Storage :Store in flammables area

Packing of Ethyl hexanoate: 

Delivery way of Ethyl hexanoate: 

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