Ethyl Hexanoate Liquid CAS 123-66-0

Ethyl Hexanoate Liquid CAS 123-66-0

Product:Ethyl Hexanoate Liquid
CAS No:123-66-0
Function: Mainly used in organic synthesis, edible flavor, spices, tobacco and alcohol flavoring agents

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Product Details

Product:Ethyl Hexanoate Liquid

CAS No. :123-66-0

Standard: GB 2760—96

Synonym: Natural Ethyl Hexanoate; Ethyl caproate, 99+%; CAPROIC ACID ETHYLESTER(SG);Ethylhrxanoate;

                 α-ethylcarpotic acid; 2-ETHYLHEXANOATE; ETHYLCAPRONAT; Ethylhexanoat

Packing: 25kg/drum


Appearance: Colorless  to pale yellow liquid with sweet fruit aromas

Chemical  structural  formula:

Function of  Ethyl Hexanoate: Mainly used in the preparation of apple, banana, pineapple and rum flavor,permitted edible spices It is also used as a solvent, organic synthetic intermediates and spices, emitting the aroma of pineapple, used to add fragrance to cigarettes.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light, keep drum close when not in use.

Specification: Food grade

Package of  Ethyl Hexanoate Liquid:


The delivery way of  Ethyl Hexanoate Liquid:

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