Ethyl Caprylate Liquid CAS 106-32-1

Ethyl Caprylate Liquid CAS 106-32-1

Product: Ethyl caprylate Liquid
CAS No.: 106-32-1
Function:For food flavoring agent, flavor

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Product: Ethyl caprylate Liquid

CAS No. : 106-32-1

Synonym: CAPRYLIC ACID ETHYLESTER WITH GC;ETHYL CAPRYLATE, NATURAL;Octanoic acid ethyl;Ethyl octanoate >=98.0%;Ethyl caprylate, synthesis grade;Ethyl carprylate;Ethyl caprylate, 99+% 5ML

Packing: 25ML


Storage condition:Store below +30°C.

Water solubility: ethanol: soluble1ml/4ml, clear, colorless (70% ethanol)

Appearance:  Clear colorless liquid

Molecular formula: C10H20O2

Chemical structural formula:

Function:  For food flavoring agent, flavor

Production method: Distilled from ethanol and octanoic acid after heated esterification catalyzed by sulfuric acid.

Packing of Ethyl caprylate Liquid: 

Delivery way of Ethyl caprylate Liquid :

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