Caprylic Acid Methyl Ester CAS 111-11-5

Caprylic Acid Methyl Ester CAS 111-11-5

Product:Caprylic Acid Methyl Ester
CAS No.:111-11-5
Function: Food flavor; Essential flavor intermediate

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Product:Caprylic Acid Methyl Ester 

CAS No. : 111-11-5

Synonym: METHYL CAPRYLATE, NATURAL;Caprylic  acid  methyl  ester,  Methyl  caprylate;Pastell M 08;Witconol 1095;Caprylic acid methyl;Octanoic acid methyl;Methyl n-Caprylate;Methyl octanoate,99%

Sequence: GB 2760--1996

Packing: 5ML


Appearance: Clear colorless liquid,with  wine and orange odor

Molecular formula:C9H18O2

Chemical structural formula:


Function: Food flavor, Essential flavor intermediate

                 Mainly used to prepare pineapple, berry and fruit flavor.

Storage :Store in a cool and dry place.

Packing of Caprylic Acid Methyl Ester:

Delivery way of Caprylic Acid Methyl Ester:


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