Phoxim 40% CAS No.: 14816-18-3

Phoxim 40% CAS No.: 14816-18-3

Product:Phoxim 40% EC
CAS No. : 14816-18-3
Function:Pest control.

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Product Details

Product:Phoxim  40% EC

CAS No. : 14816-18-3

Standard:Enterprise standard

Synonym:Baythion; Volaton; Benzoyl cyanide-O-(diethoxyphosphinothioyl)oxime;


Assay50% min

Appearance:Homogeneous oily liquid

Molecular formula:C12H15N2O3PS

Chemical structural formula:


Function:Pest control.

Storage :Under the 0-6°C condition,store in a cool and dry place, protected from light, keep drum close when not in use. 

Packing of Phoxim 40% EC:

Cyfluthrin 95% TC.jpg

Delivery photo of Phoxim 40% EC:

发货.jpgPhoxim 40% EC.jpg

Delivery way of Phoxim 40% EC:

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