Kasugamycin TC CAS No.: 19408-46-9

Kasugamycin TC CAS No.: 19408-46-9

Product: Kasugamycin TC
CAS No. : 19408-46-9
Function:The rice blast on rice is excellent.

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Product:  Kasugamycin TC

CAS No. : 19408-46-9

Standard: Q/YSCY-08-2010

Synonym:kasugamycin,monohydrochloride;KASUGAMYCINHYDROCHL;kasugamycin (jmaff);Kasugamycin hydrochloride;


Assay:55% min (Kasugamycin )

Appearance:Light beige

Molecular formula:C14H26ClN3O

Chemical structural formula:

Kasugamycin TC.gif

Function of  Kasugamycin TC:

The rice blast on rice is excellent.

Packing of Kasugamycin TC:

Kasugamycin TC.png

Delivery of Kasugamycin TC:

Kasugamycin TC (2).png

Storage :Under the 2-8°C condition,store in a cool and dry place, protected from light, keep drum close when not in use.


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