(-)-Huperzine A

(-)-Huperzine A

Product: (-)-Huperzine A CAS No. :102518-79-6 Function:Drugs Acting on the Nervous System

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Product:(-)-Huperzine A

CAS No. :102518-79-6

Standard:Enterprise Standard.

Synonym:(+-)-huperzine A,Huperzine-a,Huperzine A



Appearance:A white or almost white crystalline powder

Molecular formula:C15H18N2O

Chemical structural formula:


 (-)-Huperzine A


Function of(-)-Huperzine A :It can effectively prevent middle-aged and old people's brain neurasthenia, restore brain nerve function and activate brain neurotransmitter. It is a new drug to treat benign memory disorder at present.

Storage :Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light, keep drum close when not in use.

The delivery photo of(-)-Huperzine A  :

Gentamycin sulfate

Gentamycin sulfate


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