Triclocarban CAS No 101-20-2

Triclocarban CAS No 101-20-2

Product: Triclocarban
CAS No. : 101-20-2
Function: Daily Chemical Bacteriostasis

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Product Details

Product: Triclocarban

CAS No. : 101-20-2

Synonym:  Triclo Carban/TriChloro Cabanilide;4′-Trichlorocarbanilide;TCC;solubacter;Procutene;N-(3,4-DICHLOROPHENYL)-N'-(4-CHLOROPHENYL)UREA;N-(4-CHLOROPHENYL)-N-(3,4-DICHLOROPHENYL)-UREA;TRICHLOROCARBANILIDE




Appearance: white  powder

Specfication:  Industrial grade

                      Medical grade

Molecular formula:C13H9Cl3N2O

Chemical structural formula:


Function of Triclocarban

Daily Chemical Bacteriostasis.  Continuous, safe and stable sterilization features, excellent compatibility with skin.  It is widely used in washing powder, soap, bath lotion, etc.

Packing of Triclocarban

Delivery way of Triclocarban :

Boric Acid.png

Storage :Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light, keep drum close when not in use.

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