O-Phthalaldehyde CAS 643-79-8

O-Phthalaldehyde CAS 643-79-8

o-Phthalaldehyde is the latest high efficiency and safety antibacterial disinfectant for external use, which is mainly used in pharmaceutical detection, dyes, amino acid derived reagents and so on.

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o-Phthalaldehyde is a pharmaceutical intermediate, the latest external use of high-efficiency and safety anti-bacterial disinfectant, chemical field analysis reagent, for pharmaceutical testing.

CAS No. :643-79-8

Standard:Enterprise standard.

Synonym:1,2-Benzenedialdehyde;o-Phthaladehyde;phtalaldehydes;Phthalaldialdehyde;Phthalic aldehyde;


Assay:99%/ 98%

Appearance:Yellow needle crystal

Molecular formula:C8H6O2

Chemical structural formula:

Function of o-Phthalaldehyde:pharmaceutical intermediate, mainly used in medicine, dyes, amino acid derived reagents and so on.

Storage : Store in a sealed container and put in a cool, dry place. storage place must be away from oxidant.



The delivery way of o-Phthalaldehyde:


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